Who is an apprentice?

Childcare workers make sure children are looked after, comfortable and protected. They give them opportunities to learn and stay active. They also help children to improve social and useful skills.

There are lots of childcare apprenticeships which allow you to learn the job while working on the job, study for expert ability and gain a salary at the same time! There are two levels of apprenticeship possible.

At the intermediate level, your work could be an early years worker, a care worker, or an assistant child support worker. You would be serving under a supervisor and supporting in conditions such as a nursery, working with kids under five years old.

Furthermore, at the advanced level, you could train in positions like a nursery worker or a nursery nurse. You would be serving on your lead, maybe managing a team.

Am I suitable for a childcare apprenticeship?

These are the most important things to have in childcare apprenticeship. If you have all of them, you are made for this job.

  • Great team-worker
  • Friendly and expert manner.
  • Dependable, accurate and hardworking.
  • Sharp observation skills.
  • Easy-going, helpful and fair.
  • Primary computer and IT skills.
  • Capable to work under tension.
  • And of course, some background working with kids. It's could be even looking after your brother.
  • You should be punctual. Kids can't wait.
  • And don't forget. You have to trust yourself!
What do I need to apply?

You can apply for a childcare apprenticeship if you’re 16 or above, and you shouldn't be in full-time education. The entry qualifications differ for each program, so the most useful thing to do is examine for ones you are interested in, then review the individual listings. Most of the employers going to desire you to have a GSCE at grade C or higher in maths, English, and science.